Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey, Katie! I read US Weekly!

Sarah ... please say something! Anything!

Tell Katie you read USA Today. Tell her you read Newsweek. People would even be a better answer. Hell, just tell her you read Dog Fancy!

Anything is a better answer than, "I read all of 'em!"



{p.s. I love the look on Katie's face near the end of the clip. She's looking at the camera person with eyes that say, "Can she seriously NOT answer this question?" Ha!}

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chitknit said...

Well, she's definitely a goldmine of comedic material for Tina Fey.

I can't wait to see what Palin comes up with on the debate tonight.

I see it now though - she'll look like an idiot, and and people will say "How dare Biden be so tough on this delicate flower." He'll get called out for being condescending, when she really is an idiot.

Sexism at work.

... said...

Not Ready For Primetime.

Jennie Burget said...

Sad, sad, sad, sad. It's almost embarrassing to even watch... she's like a train wreck... it's hard not to pay attention to something so horrible.

chitknit said...

And another thing:

Even my HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS were saying "Jeez, couldn't she have just said "The Washington Post" or "New York Times"?

OR THE ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS? Last time I checked, they DO have newspapers in Alaska, too!

They're smarter than Palin - they know those two answers would have gotten Katie off her back, and not made her look like a complete idiot!

Bets said...

I concur with everyone! My opinion is she needs to take the opportunity tonight to kindly bow out of the race! :)

... said...

Palin comparison

Beth said...

the problem is that she has looked like (and is) SUCH a moron that even though she just "survived" the debates people said she did "great" simple because she didn't F them up. Ugh.

Biden looked and sounded powerful, professional, and (key point here) LOGICAL. AWesome.