Thursday, October 30, 2008

Neighbor: 'Betsy Always Seemed So Normal'

Julie sent this to me last night. Check out the video and then feel free to send it to your friends who think they might not vote because their vote won't make a difference!



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distaff said...

I LOVE this!

... said...

I laughed even more.
You are so smart!
I'm glad you've voted!

Beth said...

Yes! Someone sent this to me a few days ago...I love how the old lady cusses you out! HA!


Mitzi said...

Gosh, Bets--I had no idea you had created such a stir!! Even people who don't speak English are talking about you!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! I will give Mike the credit. The old lady is the best..."That lazy, &!$%"

Glad you love it! J :)

Bets said...

Glad you all liked it! Pass it on ... more people need to be told they are a "lazy %*!@"! Ha!