Thursday, January 17, 2008

Me, in the future ...

If you've spent any time with me, you know that I LOVE PURSES! I really don't think it's possible for any girl to have too many purses.

At last count, I had probably 40+. Some of them are for daily use; some of them are for special occasions (weddings, nights out, to the pool, etc); some of them are for show and have been given to me to add to the collection; and some of my very favorites are vintage (either purchased by me or handed down).

When I lived in my old apartment, I decorated a whole wall of my closet with my purses on hooks. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because it was really cool. I've collected several pictures from magazines that show exactly what I would like to do on a bedroom or closet wall when I get my own place. Of course, I couldn't find any of them online, but Martha does have a great closet organizing idea with a pegboard.

The other thing you might already know about me and my purses is that they are either teeny tiny for a Girls' Night Out or quite large. I'm pretty sure that I have neck, shoulder, and back pain due to my suitcase-like purses. When I go to restaurants, I'm pleased when there is an extra chair at the table for my purse to sit on. I won't even get into the problem of my purses and bathroom stalls again.

As I continue to get newer purses, they continue to get bigger and bigger. Once you start carrying stuff in your large purse, you have a hard time NOT having it with you at all times. I'm pretty sure this is my next step:

I am totally over Tom Cruise, but I continue to like parts of Katie Holmes more and more. I mean, I accept the fact that she's probably been brain-washed and has become a part of the Scientology cult ... but ... I like her her hair, couture wardrobe and this purse! It is a bit over the top, but when I win the lottery, one of my first purchases will be a Birkin bag. I'd love a vintage one, but I guess I'd also take a brand-new one if someone was dying to get rid of it! :)

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MP said...

This is your anonymous friend who JUST figured out how to post a comment. Woo hoo! I am technologically savvy, now. And I won't be seen with you if you carry a purse as big as Katie's. Unless, of course, we are going to the airport. Because that's the ONLY place a purse like that looks okay.

Anonymous said...

Will Minnie fit in your bags? Toss the ones that aren't MF (Minnie Friendly)

Still anonymous. Some of us will never learn.