Thursday, January 24, 2008

I have to have them!

I was catching up on some older Oprahs tonight while grading papers. I saw one from a few weeks ago on the "The Face Behind the Name".

I was so excited to see the segment on Christian Louboutin! I love his shoes ... and would love to own a (or two or three or fifteen) pairs. I once tried on a pair of Louboutins at DSW and was thisclose to buying them and didn't. I've been kicking myself ever since then.

I literally gasped outloud at how beautiful some of these shoes were. They are truly pieces of art. Here are some that I would love to have!

Aren't these just fabulous? They showed them on the show in a beautiful green color.

And these are perfect for the girl who can never have enough PINK in her wardrobe ... oh wait, that's me!

Oprah said that she has these and wears them with everything ... jeans, the perfect LBD, evening gowns, etc.

This picture shows the signature red sole that is hand cut, glued and sewed on each shoe even to this day!

These are the Louboutins made famous by Carrie Bradshaw seeing them in the window on SATC and greeting them with a, "Hello, Lover!" Later they were ruined with Miranda went into labor. I would also love these.

As much as I love tall heels, I was kicking myself today when I decided to wear 3-inch heels to school all day. By 3:00, I was ready to just wheel around in my desk chair with my feet up. No heels for me for a few days!

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chitknit said...

I can't picture you in heels - casualty of our pretty much constant laid-back-ness, I guess...

Lovely shoes - but as a born and bred photojournalist, I will forever be a sensible shoes gal. Too many years of being on my feet and on the move constantly.

Plain vanilla jilla.

Bets said...

Oh Jilly! You must not have seen my closet stocked with too-high heels that I can barely wear anymore since I'm an old lady with 2 bad ankles. :(
Yes, I'll wear heels, but then it's back to running shoes, ballet flats and flip flops for the next 3 weeks!

Anonymous said...

These shoes are for a museum or a red carpet stroll. Only in NYC where everyone is out to impress would someone be dumb enough to think they could spend quality time on their feet in these. They are the same kind of silly status symbol as all those high-priced purses foisted on the masses who should be investing elsewhere. But they are beautiful ....