Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock Chalk, Baby!

I was going to be done with Jayhawk posts, but I just HAD to share these last few items tonight.

I love the guys' faces in this picture! I included this picture in my "morning work" PowerPoint this morning! The kids were so excited to come this morning and share their excitement with me. Of course, they all stayed up to watch the end of the game, which didn't make me too happy. We had our 5th State Assessment this morning. (Only 2 more State tests and 2 more district tests to go!) Even the non-KU fans came wearing KU shirts and were excited!

I just cannot believe that this is Mass Street! Just 5 years ago, I was on Mass Street celebrating that we were going to the Final Four in New Orleans and calling Byron to tell him that I was coming back down to visit! It was wild then, but there was at least room for cars to drive up and down Mass. I checked the live feed of the crowd on kusports.com at 1:00 this morning and it was just as busy then as it was right after the game!
And then there's this picture! You might know this guy ... and you might recognize his kick-ass KU outfit! The back of his Tailgating shirt says, "We piss excellence!" Erik ran into Governor Sebelius in San Antonio on the Riverwalk and she commented on his pants. Tonight he was happy to share a video from a local newscast in San Antonio. Check it out! It's pretty funny ... if only the broadcasters weren't such idiots! :)

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