Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby, oh baby!

This weekend was all about babies! We have two "McKnight" babies on the way. Actually, neither will be McKnights when they get here, because both Molly & my cousin, Caroline have new, married names.

Here are the two of them at Thanksgiving. Can you tell which Mom-to-be is due in less than 3 weeks?

Later on in the weekend, we had a family baby shower for Caroline & Eric. Here are the happy Mom- and Dad-to-be! We don't know yet whether the new baby will be a boy or a girl, so everyone was placing bets. I'm hoping for a boy! I think it would be so fun to have both a girl and boy within the year ... and right now the girls are FAR out-weighing the boys in our family!

And here are just some of the great presents they got at the shower to take home with them to North Carolina. It was SO fun to see you both! Good luck with the all the registering and nesting and getting ready for your little one to come!

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distaff said...

Make sure you send the link to Dinah and Caroline. Great photos!