Thursday, December 18, 2008



Here is a little version of "Find the Differences in these Photos":

I've carefully cropped out the Spelling Bee winners from today's after school Bee. A Mom took this picture to turn into the local paper. I came home and she immediately e-mailed me the picture with the subject line,"LAUGH at Spelling Bee pics".

It's a good thing she thought it was funny, because I'm pretty embarrassed. I've noticed lately in pictures, I always make a strange fist with my hands. Apparently my fist turns into a rude gesture when also I'm holding a pen and a student's arm. Yikes! SO glad that she did some quick photo-shopping to fix my rude behavior! ;) Looks like she also did some brightening up of the pic. Too bad she didn't get rid of the chins and spare tire!

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Mitzi said...

Next time, we'll do a hand check to make sure all is well before the photo is taken...

Anonymous said...

Do you have Bob Dole hand?


Bets said...

I think I just might! Isn't that strange? I've totally turned into the clumsy, idiot friend of the group that makes stoopid mistakes.

... said...

Does your 'Anonymous' friend AMY have something against Bob Dole or just people with handicaps? Thanks.

I'll use my good hand to sort through all of these presents for the right chunk of coal for her stocking.

Jennie said...

This makes me LOL! I love it- What an evil teacher! :)