Monday, December 29, 2008

Five Aunties

Today was our girls' baby shower for Becca! It is so rare when the 6 of us can get together, so today was a real treat. Our moms were all there to help Becca celebrate ... and give lost of motherly advice.

Becca got some goodies for the baby, most importantly, some of her super cute crib bedding! Since Becca is the first of us to take on the role of Mom, we all get to sit back and learn from her. That also means that she gets to take advantage of the five Aunties that are anxiously awaiting the arrival of little _________. (Kreme, Grabe, Maebe, Bar, Beak, Reba, Mecca??? The list goes on and on!)

There were other great pics, but I'm too tired to post any more tonight. Thanks for a wonderful day, girlies ... safe travels to those of you that are heading back to your homes tomorrow!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had the BEST time...and I vote for Kreme! :) J