Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If you aren't a teacher, you wouldn't understand

Somehow, as a teacher, our bodies know when we are too busy to be tired or sick. It is often more work to be gone from school than to just suck it up and go for the day, no matter how crappy you are feeling. I've had my flu shot for the past few years, and I've never been more sick than a weekend cold or a non-stop cough on parent/teacher conference week.

What typically happens is that I'm fine during the whole work week, and as soon as the weekend comes ... I get sick! I've missed out on visiting friends that came in town, fun parties and just enjoying time off from school. I've been sick over Memorial Day, Labor Day, winter break and been diagnosed with strep the first day of summer break. Mitzi can commiserate, as she spent her entire Thanksgiving break sick on the couch. Every time Julie comes in town on a break, she seems to be sick, too. It's NOT on purpose, and it's NOT fun. I think it's just that our bodies know when we have some downtime to rest.

Well, without fail, being sick has already ruined the beginning of my winter break. I came home last night and wasn't feeling great, so I got curled up on the couch to watch TV with Minnie. I fell asleep there and woke up at 3 really not feeling great. Basically from 3am until 11am, I was sicker than I've been in a long time! Not only was I bummed that I was sick on my winter break, but I knew that this meant I couldn't join the family for Christmas Eve dinner. :( Mom came earlier today to bring me some Fresca and meds and take Minnie for me. I could hardly get down the stairs to take her out.

I'm feeling a bit better now after napping the majority of the day. My 100.5 temperature is making it's way down and I'm eating for the first time since dinner last night. I got a call from Molly asking if I wanted to postpone opening presents in the morning. I'm hoping I'll feel better by morning. Even if I'm feeling better, I've been told that I can only stare at Ellen from across the room tomorrow. Bummed that I can't cuddle up with her, but definitely don't want to send home a sick baby with Molly & Erik.

I hope everyone is enjoying some QT with family & friends. Merry Christmas!

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