Thursday, December 4, 2008

Etsy Deals of the Week - For a Baby Girl!

Since little Ellen is already here, I decided to speed up my Etsy Deals of the Week for new baby girl items! I've already done quite a bit of shopping on Etsy for the baby, but here are a few more things I found that I love!

I've had a great couple of weeks with sales on Etsy, so I like to be able to help fellow sellers any way that I can!

How great is this soft play block in fun fabrics?!? I am, of course, drawn the lime green and pink, but the sellers have many other great options. They make onesies, I Spy bags (you have to go check them out to see how great they are), burp cloths and more!

For those that wish they were crafty or great with scrapbooking! Knit1Scrap2 has made this pre-framed baby girl frame. All you have to do is open up the frame and put your own picture inside. Okay, not YOUR picture, but one of the baby! ;) There is also some room surrounding the picture spot where you could write in your own caption or the baby's info like birthday, weight, length, time of birth, etc. If your baby will be wearing blue ... there's a frame for him, too!

In the past, I have given Molly & Erik Christmas ornaments to represent things that happened over the past year. This year, Molly decided to forgo the big tree that normally goes up to save space and time! This new baby pea-in-the-pod ornament would make a very nice Christmas OR new baby present for a holiday baby! The artist will add lots of personalized information to the ornament at your request.

This Paris/Poodle Boutique burp cloth set is already hiding in Ellen's dresser drawers. I was searching for Paris-themed gifts on Etsy ... and there were a lot, but this one really caught my eye! The cute Poodle fabric actually has cursive names on it and guess what it included? Minnie AND Lulu! What a coincidence. They are very soft & well made. The other items made for sale have just as cute fabrics on them!

I thought this reversible baby sling looked really well made and had a cool, non-babyish fabric! The seller has MANY other great items, and when it comes to the slings, there are directions for measuring yourself to make sure you get the perfect sized sling!

When it comes to Christmas shopping this year, I try to go to Etsy first because you can find ANYTHING you want and buying it would mean supporting a crafty/local artist and you might be able to find it for less than you would buy in a major store!

I normally include something of my own in my Etsy Deals post, but I don't have much that is baby-related. :) Maybe my magnets to show baby pictures or kids' artwork.

As always ... feel free to let me know if you see something of mine that you would like in a different size or color. AND ... go browse around on Etsy! It's always nice to help local artisans out!

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