Friday, December 5, 2008

We match the blog!

Went right after school to the hospital to check on everyone and see how they were doing. Molly looked great and said she was feeling well. Erik was off to meet his Dad at their house to set up the pack-and-play and Ann was there holding little Ellen. The report was that she had a much better day and was eating well and sleeping well. Molly said she was a bit cranky for the first time, but quickly fell asleep and was fine.

I knew that I could stay for a bit and then had to go let Minnie out before I was off to help get things ready for the "homecoming" tomorrow. The nursery still needs bedding & tools cleaned up and removed. [Hammers and nails are dangerous for a baby, right?] So, I had to make the most of my time with my little Ellen!

Here she is bundled up in my arms. I could watch the faces she makes all day and night! She likes to squint her eyes when you whisper to her. She scrunches her eyebrows when you move her position or unwrap her swaddling blankets. She makes all sorts of pouty lip movements, too. Hilarious!

Here she is wrapping her little hand around my pinky finger! This is really the first time I've seen her hands since all the shirts are too big and her hands have been hiding in the sleeves!

Then, Mom came to join us on her way home from work. Mom hadn't seen Ellen with her eyes open yet and when she finally opened them, she was facing the opposite way from Mom! All that hair is going to need a bow in no time at all!

This is the little Hugs security tag that Ellen will wear on her ankle while she's in the hospital. The day she was born, Erik was carting her to the new room and we quickly stepped out of the waiting room to see Ellen! The nurse that was with Erik said he had to keep moving away and get away from the elevators. If he stood there too long, and alarm would go off, because that would mean someone had a newborn and was waiting for the elevators. It's a good thing they've got a security bracelet on her, because she is precious cargo, and we don't want her going anywhere without her Mommy & Daddy!
Here's a tiny video of the first time I saw or heard Ellen fussing. Molly was changing her diaper (to wake her up a bit) and she was NOT happy. If you listen, you can hear Molly giving Mom a lesson on her diapers. Apparently, Mom has never seen a diaper! ;) I played this video at home and you should have seen the way that Minnie was staring at my camera. She couldn't figure out what was going on. I can't wait to see how she reacts to Miss Ellen in person! I'm sure she will be very gentle.

Tomorrow is the day she comes home, so the morning will be very busy with both Grandmas and myself running around to finish getting things ready. Can't wait for everyone to get settled in!

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