Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter inside and out

I told you all earlier this week that I was taking pictures of my classroom to share. Well, now I finally have time to post them. I change the decorations in my room with each season or holiday. The fall leaves and turkeys came down on Monday and up went the winter decorations. They are some of my favorites.

Here are the "factor trees" we made. Our unit in Math right now was on finding the prime factors for any number and then creating a number sentence using exponents. It's a hard thing to learn, but the kids really seem to like it. It is also one of my favorite units. Last year I pulled this project idea out of nowhere. They turn out really cute and give us decorations for the bulletin boards out in the hall. Please don't make fun of the fact that I have hung the trees so some of them are "floating" up from the snow. With 25 students, there was very little room for all the trees on this 4'x8' bulletin board!

It's snowing inside! I really like the way these snowflakes look hanging from the ceiling. The kids owe me classroom money if they start hitting the snowflakes or tugging on them. They've almost learned this rule since throughout the year I have lots of things hanging from the ceiling: wind chimes, snowflakes, conversation hearts, shamrocks, butterflies, flowers, etc.

The door to my classroom. That is garland of little plastic candies. I think they are really cute, but by the time January comes, I'm happy to take them down since they clank and hit against the door every time it opens and closes!

This snowman magnet set came from Aunt Susan last year. I used to have white magnetic walls that it looked cute on. When those walls went away, I was happy to realize that this AC vent is magnetic. It looks really cute on here!

And here's a view of the front of my room. I've been meaning to take a picture of the projector for quite a while. I was AMAZED to see how big this screen was when they put it up in September. This is a picture of the PowerPoint I use every morning for announcements and morning work. If you look at the door on the right, you can see just how big this screen is! I now keep it down most of the day and just type from my computer when I have notes the kids need to copy. WAY better than writing on the board!

That's it for now! Just wanted to share some pics from my second "home"!

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RachelC said...

Your room looks very festive. I don't decorate for the holidays - total Scrooge, I know. I'm so jealous that you have a door and a fancy projector. My projector is supposed to be installed sometime this year. In the meantime, my hands are covered with overhead markers.

Bets said...

I definitely DON'T miss cleaning off my overhead transparency roll. My hands would be dyed for days, no matter how many times I washed them! :)

Jesslee said...

Lucky for your students they have such a fun and creative teacher!
Love all the decorations and the cute snowman.

Kristin said...

I am so jealous of your projector! I despise chalkboards. Your room looks great, Ms. McKnight!

Bets said...

Hooray! Kiki's reading the blog!
I know how you feel. Up until the major construction we had over the summer, we still had our old chalkboards in our rooms. I hated them, too! Can't we do some study on the levels of chalk dust in the air and how bad it is for our breathing? I think so!