Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hmmmm ... I've never seen that before

Minnie & I just walked in the door tonight. At the last minute we went over to Mitzi's to watch a little NBC, do a little knitting and have a little dinner. Adam & Jill were there, too. The evening was just what we all needed! We're getting close to the end of this semester and the stress levels are very high for all of us! Minnie joined us, because my friends are nice enough to let me bring her to their houses. I hate to leave her at home at night after she's been cooped up in my room all day, too.

Minnie & Mitzi's cat, Betty, got some play time in. In fact, I think Minners gets so excited about being around Betty that she wears herself out. We've been home about 10 minutes and she's already conked out on the couch! We thought they were starting to get used to each other after so many "inner-species playdates", but at one point, I saw no animals around me and it was silent. Silent animals is not always a good thing. I went looking for Minnie and sure enough, Betty had trapped her on the back stairwell by sitting right at the top so Minnie couldn't get up! It wasn't as bad as the Kitty/Puppy fight that Jill caught on video, but poor Minnie was so sad. (P.S. you HAVE TO go watch the video for a laugh!)

See how concerned Betty is that Minnie is trapped? Not very! If you look closely, you can see Minnie's ears pinned back ... she does this when she's in trouble or when she's scared. Poor baby! This picture makes it look like she has two friends for back-up at the bottom of the stairs. They are either running shoes with reflective spots on them OR animal ghosts sitting at the bottom of Mitzi's stairs.

Anyhoo ... we were driving home, ready to do some relaxing on our own couch before bed and I saw THIS as we drove in the parking lot at home:
This isn't actually my picture because the two critters ran away before I could stop, get my camera out and take a picture ... but this is what it would have looked like! I drove up and saw 2 raccoons scurrying out of the dumpster area and hurry into the storm drain before the car got close. YUCK! I guess THIS is why there are signs posted all over to close the dumpsters before you leave and make sure that they aren't overflowing. Clearly, someone didn't follow the directions.

I never thought that was why you had to close them. I thought it was just to be curteous. Now I know! This also made me very thankful that Minnie gets to walk on a leash at our new place. If she were off-leash, she could get into all sorts of trouble. It's one thing to get her booty kicked by a house kitty, but quite another thing to get beaten up by a gang of street raccoons!

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Jennie Day-Burget said...

Wow -- that picture is creepy. It totally looks like Minnie is down there with two other animals -- weird!!!

Mitzi said...

Luckily, those ARE my running shoes. At least we hope they are!

Bets said...

Mitz! Thanks for the last minute invite. You know how much I love it when you call and say, "Have you had dinner yet?" That always means a meal with a friend is on it's way!