Tuesday, January 1, 2008

She's got Star Power!

Today was a lazy day. I took Mitzi over to my parents' house to play games. Mom and I LOVE to play games ... really any kind! We like cards (Liverpool Rummy, Canasta, Phase 10, Tripoly), dominos, board games (Fact or Crap), strategy games (Blokus is the new one we haven't figured out yet, Rummikub), etc.

Well ... I convinced Mitz to bring her Guitar Hero over with us so that my Mom could see how it's played. I've been talking about it for months! After our Wii party at Adam and Jill's and spending most of my s
ummer at Mitzi's pool and apartment playing G.H. ... I've become obsessed. No, I'm still not any good, but I think it's hilarious!

I'm pretty sure that Mom has never played anything on a game system. She might have played Tetris on our old-school Gameboy, but that's prob
ably it. She picked up quickly (probably faster than I did) on Guitar Hero, and laughed (just as hard as I did) the first few songs she played, and said lots of lovely words when she messed up (just like me)! :) We're two peas in a pod!

Here they are rocking out to one of the first songs she played.

I think her highest score today was 24,000+ which I would say is a success. My record of the day was to have a 172 note streak on a new song we bought! I was SO excited!

Here is their song. Mitzi is on the left kicking butt with a score of 21,000+ and rocking her Star Power. Mom is on the right with a respectable 7,400 on Easy. Way to go Mom!

I had video of the song they played, but it took about a year and a half to upload just half of it. Apparently I need to learn a few things still when it comes to my camera!

I hope we get to play again soon. Mom, what was your favorite part?!?!

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Beth said...

How did I not know you love games, and how did we not play them all of the time?!?! We played lots of Wii GH (which is cool b/c the guitar is wireless) over break, and it was so fun! Our GH is being babysat while we are away....

Next time we're together we need to start a "Canasta Under 65" club in OP.....