Monday, February 11, 2008

Awwww ... stink!

Monday was supposed to be our new Xtreme Team Trivia night. No such luck. We switched locations and days from Wednesdays at Tanner's to Mondays at Johnny's. We went from one guy to another. We went from one "Office"-themed name to another. We went from one fun place to another dead place.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how our new locale was not the best for Trivia. The last few weeks have been off and on. We've been busy. It's been too cold. There have been basketball games on. The Chittums' phones died. Blah, blah, blah. Basically we haven't gone since we lost to the workers (lame!) at Johnny's.

I checked the score board on the website yesterday and it looked like there were no scores at Johnny's for last week's trivia which tells me that no teams were there to play. Today when I checked, I got this note: NO SHOWS AT JOHNNY'S TONIGHT ... ALL OTHER SHOWS ARE A GO!!!

On their MySpace page, they left this message: johnny's is canceling the show on monday nights at their Blue Valley Location! we can transfer teams that have qualified for championship week to any other Monday night show. just email us and let us know which location.

Awww ... stink! I guess it's back to crowded Tanner's or a move to another new night and place.

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Anonymous said...

So you all must have been too rowdy at Johnny's and they didn't want you back. There's more to this than you know ...