Friday, February 1, 2008

Ways to Advertise

This week I made some super cute business cards at school that have both my blog address and my Etsy site address:

I'm looking for ways to get my name and sites out there. People on Etsy have lots of suggestions (actually, I just read 300+ of them), but I don't know if any of them will work. Jill and I are sending business cards out tomorrow to other Etsy sellers so they will have our cards to pass out, too.

It's all so hard. If anyone has ideas for me to spread the word, puh-leaze let me know. If any of you would like some of my cards to pass out, puh-leaze let me know. If any of you like my Etsy craft items, puh-leaze feel free to tell others about it! If any of you like something you've seen on my site, but would like it in different colors or sizes or quantities ... you know what to do! :)

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