Thursday, February 21, 2008


I almost marched right up to bed without blogging. Not much to report for from today.

I got my taxes done today, got some lessons made, got a bit caught up on our DVR and I think I might actually get to bed before 10:00.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day since it's Friday! Our PTO is bringing lunch in for us (they do it once a month) and it always makes my day. They are so nice to us and bring in great food that I never make time to make for myself at home!

Okay, the dogs just came in from going potty. It's time for bed for both schnoodles and moms.


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Anonymous said...

What? You didn't tune in to see who got booted off of Idol? I'll never tell ...

Beth said...

I actually have two comments:

1. I miss PTO lunches! They were the BEST!! Especially soup and salad day...mmmmmmm.....

2. I am shocked and apalled that your blog wasn't about everyone's favorite kitty kat: Mia. Cat of the Day, baby! Well, since she's not your cat, I guess I understand :)