Sunday, February 10, 2008

This weekend's crafts ...

This was a good weekend to get some crafting done. It was nice enough out on Saturday to run some errands and get stuff done, but today it was so bitterly cold out that all I wanted to do was stay inside and craft.

I wanted to share the newest craft project that Jill and I have gotten ourselves into. We are making scrapbook-style gift tags. Right now we are selling them to a family friend who has a mini store in her basement. If we get really organized, this can be one more thing to put on Etsy. What started out as a beaded jewelry online store for me has turned into a "junk drawer" type of store ... I've got just about everything for sale!

So here they are ... this is just some of them that I've made this weekend. Jilly was crafting away as well at her scrapbook weekend extravaganza!

** UPDATE: This cute Bachelorette tag has been sold! **

Here are the "Minnie's Fleecy Toys" that I was making for Minnie to give her friends for Valentine's Day. Aren't I a nice mom? Minnie hasn't even sat down long enough to help me! :)

Off to finish crafting for tonight and to grade at least one stack of papers before I hit the sack. Happy Monday to everyone!

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