Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some of My Favorite Etsy Items

In the past I've done my Etsy Deals of the Week. This time I'm doing my Etsy Favorites of the Week. I've searched around on Etsy and found some items that I think are just great! They make great gifts or purchases for yourself.

I hope that if you've spent some time in my Etsy store, you've also browsed around to see what else is out there. Etsy is the home to many, many creative, crafty, artistic, people! You never know what you'll find!

This cute, flowered collar has been named the Aunt Tilly collar by seller, Lucky Fiona. Shannon, the artist behind all the collars uses fabulous fabrics to make sturdy, fun dog collars that she has called, "Vintage inspired dogwear for spoiled pooches." Peanut and Minnie both got Lucky Fiona collars for Christmas this year. You can find collars of all sizes and colors in her store, and she also makes them for every season and holiday! Your furry friend will love you forever if you treat them to a Lucky Fiona collar!

Next up are these beautiful Ruby Hoops. These faceted rubies are strung on gold wire hoops and they are the perfect present for any lovely lady in your life! Seller lindatrentjewelry also has many other earrings, necklaces and bracelets that you will be impressed with. Don't forget to check out her Sample Sale section. There are bargains you can't pass up!

Next up is this super set of ABC magnets for your little ones that you actually aren't embarrassed to have on your fridge! Creator, mommymemorybracelets has many other items, but these caught my eye one night while browsing!

This felted bag is one that Jill made a while ago. I've seen her make one of these virtually from start to finish, and it is so amazing! I would love to use this bag for all my laptop accessories when I'm out and about with my work stuff. It's one of a kind and you really can't go wrong with getting this for a friend or for yourself!
How cute is this bag?!?!? If you know anything about me, then you know that I can't resist a cute purse. This fun, pink, frame clutch is the perfect bag for a night out on the town! I had such a hard time picking one to feature today, because the seller, oktak makes so many different styles and colors of bags. Go check them out!
Last but not least is a posting of my own. These are my Ocean Water - Blue Beaded Earrings. I made a pair of these for myself months ago and wear them all the time. I thought I'd make another pair to share with others! Don't forget that with any purchase of earrings on my Etsy page, you get a FREE pair of earrings made just for you. They will be a surprise!

Go visit these stores on Etsy. Don't forget to support local artists!

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