Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear ...

I HATE doing laundry, putting it away and finding things to wear for work in the morning. I've even tried to make things better by laying clothes out the night before, but without fail, I change about 6-10 times anyway the next morning.

I've already shared that it is difficult to dress for work when you are an elementary teacher because you have to think about things like sitting on the floor with your class, art projects and recess duty.

So tonight I'm having a VERY tough time finding something to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow isn't just any normal day ... it's Valentine's Day. That means Valentine's parties and many elementary teachers who are dressed in Valentine's-themed clothes. I actually said tonight that I don't have anything pink to wear tomorrow! How is that even possible when 1/2 my closet is pink clothes. I think because I mistakenly wore pink twice already this week.

Oh well ... I'll come up with something. I have to think of clean clothes, parties in the afternoon, being on my feet all day, Valentine's Day and recess duty. I'd prefer to go in sweats and a hoodie, but I think that is frowned upon.

Aren't you glad I blogged about this today? Ha!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll look great!

Anonymous said...

OH hail comfy pants and hoodie sweatshirts! I came home from work today, took off my heels and red cardigan and threw on the fleece pants! I could not agree more...sometimes it is hard to dress for school!!!!

Julie :)

Bets said...

Yeah for a second comment from Julie! Woo Hoo!