Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where all the famous people go to eat ...

Today in honor of Dad's birthday, we made the trek down to 18th & Vine to have lunch at Arthur Bryant's for some good old BBQ.

We all got sandwiches and fries.The famous Arthur Bryant's Original sauce and Sweet HEAT sauce. I, of course, had ketchup with mine.

Here's some of our food and our LARGE sodas!

The fam enjoying their food ... mouths full!

More food! YUMMY!

Molly looking like she wants to vom after mis-ordering her pulled pork sandwich. I promised her I wouldn't put this picture on the blog. Whoooops!
I'm a member of the Clean Plate Club ...

... and feeling bad about it. I ate too much.
Mom wanted people to know that not everyone finished their order. Bragger! This also shows how large her order was. This was left after she ate more than half of her meal.

Anyhoo ... everyone should head to Bryant's if you get a chance. I don't think I need to eat again for another 48 hours ... but I'm sure I will!

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Anonymous said...

We avoided dinner last night, just popped some corn in honor of the Oscars. That was puh-lenty! Trust me, none of those starlets on the red carpet has eaten at Bryant's in the last several years. Who did you like the best?