Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why I'm glad I'm friends with Jill ...

Jill has already mentioned one of the many reasons that she loves having me as a friend. Among these many reasons could be that I love to come over and make her husband make me meals; I love to mess up my knitting and have her fix it for me; I love to make her get out all of her crafty things and make a mess of her apartment; and I love to go on and on incessantly about my lovely pooch, Minnie, even though she's a cat person.

Why wouldn't she love to be friends with me!?!?! :)

Well here is reason #273 that I love having Jill in my life:

She took time out of her VERY busy life to make me giggle non-stop tonight. I know Jill is a busy lady. She works hard to make newspaper and yearbook deadlines frequently at school; she finds time to make the coolest items to share with others in her Etsy store; she blogs quite often which gives me something to read at night (and for my parents to not-so-anonymously comment about); and she makes the most kick-a$$ videos to post on that awesome blog!

Tonight's video: "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"! You MUST go see this post to see the funniest video of my little baby, Minners, fighting against her kitty-cat friend, Betters! Jill was sure to include the perfect fighting music and the perfect comments to go along. Puh-leaze go check it out. I hope it makes you as happy as it did me!

Thanks, Jilly!

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34th State said...

Minnie already thinks she's a cat. She is going to need counseling if she spends any more time with Betty.

Anonymous said...

That is a great video - I've been hearing about Betty for some time now, but really haven't had a chance to see her in action. Minnie's got issues ... where did she learn the roll-on-your-side-and-attack method?

Bets said...

Molly, are you really saying that your dog-niece has issues? Do you think they are genetic disorders?
HAPPY to have my first comment from you!