Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today was a day of running errands, looking for deals and crafty-time.

I woke up early to get stuff done around the house. It wasn't a true weekend morning since I both set and woke up to my alarm. I only snoozed once which is less than I do on a weekday. What is wrong with me!? I stayed up late last night playing Guitar Hero (so much so that my thumb cramped mid "Paint it Black"), catching up on my celebrity blog and NOT doing productive things like I should be doing. I did, however, make some Valentine's themed magnets to try an sell this week.

Jill and I started running errands early: Ann's Open House for kitchen goodies, her Mom's for the felted make-up bag she finished, Big Lots!, the post office, Archivers and her house for Crafternoon! Adam even made us a yummy lunch. He makes the best grilled sammies in town.

Our newest crafty project is fun scrapbook-style gift tags. We'll let you know where to buy them one we get them ready for sale. They turned out really cute and we got better as the day went on. We even got 2 movies in whilst crafting away (About a Boy & School of Rock).

Tomorrow I'll hopefully get my Etsy Deals of the Week done. I should be going in to school to get work done ... maybe I won't though. That really isn't any fun. Okay ... done for now.

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