Friday, February 15, 2008

Skybus ... AKA Plane for Country to come to Town

I just arrived in Columbus ... currently sitting at Julie's computer in her HOUSE! It is super cute, and the yard and patio will be so much fun once the weather gets nice. I arrived to snow on the ground, which I wasn't expecting at all. What was I thinking? Julie did text me earlier this week to brag about her snow day. (She's unpacking all the Valentine's loot she got at her class party today!)

Anyhoo ... back to Skybus. If you haven't heard about Skybus Airlines, they are based out of Columbus and offer $10 flights each way. I got the $10 tickets for my trip last summer, but this time, I wasn't fast enough and mine were $55 each way. So ... because they have these wonderfully cheap flights, this is the chance for everyone who lives in the country to get to the big city for cheap! I don't mean to be rude, but that was my first impression. Julie said the same thing when I told her about it.

Julie is probably annoyed by me. I walked in and told her I had to sit at her computer to blog today. We are going to meet Mike for dinner, and then to do something, anything. It doesn't really matter ... all that matters is that I get to hang out with Jules and Mikey this weekend!

YEAH for friends in other places! :)

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