Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you had my vote yesterday ...

... you might have lost it today.

If you were watching Saturday Night Live like me on Saturday, you would have seen the opening skit that involved a spoof of the media falling in love with Barack and paying no attention to Hillary. It was funny, it was spot on and it was a smart and witty skit to do on their first night back after the writers' strike!

I wish I could have a clip of the video, but SNL has taken it off YouTube this week!

Anyhoo ... here is Hillary reacting to the skit:



In this clip in the Ohio debate on Tuesday night she complains and whines that she is always thrown the first question, which doesn't seem fair ... but she'll take it because she can answer questions well.

This morning on the Today Show, Tim Russert (who I love), was great about telling us that this just isn't the case. She isn't thrown the first question anymore than Barack is, and when there is a question given to no one in particular, she is quick to jump in there first.



I wish that she would have just left it alone and didn't say anything. Let's stick to the topics at hand and quit whining.

Here's another great example of Dan Abrams discussing the SNL spoof.



Hillary should have let guys like Tim and Dan deal with it ... so she could spend more time winning Ohio and Texas!

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Anonymous said...

OKI -- go ahead and say it -- she reminds you of your mother.

Steve said...

great post. My thoughts exactly. On another note, I love Tim Russert too! I met him last year and he was really nice. He rocks.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I absolutely LOVEE Timmy R. I have just loved him since the last election with his white board! He's the BEST!!!
~Julie :)

Bets said...

More on this topic ... this article is ridiculous!