Friday, February 8, 2008

It's been a long week!

I got home from work tonight at 6:15. I was working really hard after the kids left, but still feel like I could have stayed for hours. I'm absolutely pooped, and Minnie seems to be, too!

Here she is in one of her favorite spots in the living room. From this big, red chair Miss Minners can see out the windows (to bark at any passerbys), she can see me on the couch, and she can see into the kitchen to watch whatever is going on in there.
I look this second pic using the color accent feature on my camera that my friend, Beth, introduced me to.

I've been catching up on DVR, and crafting away. My goal for this weekend is to get some more of our fancy gift tags done AND work on some new Valentine's Fleecy Toys for gifts. Shhhhhh ... don't tell if you are a human who has a doggy friend of Minnie & Peanut. Jenny did call me tonight to let me know that she saw fleecy toys (not nearly as cute or well-made as mine) at Waldo Pet Store that were selling for $10 and $12 EACH! I'm shocked. Maybe I need to get out there and start trying to sell to small pet/gift shops. Any ideas for me?

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