Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The last 5 days in pictures:

I left Friday for Columbus to visit Mike and Julie. You've already heard about my flight, but that was about it. That night for dinner, we ended up at one of Mike and Julie's neighborhood bars, Rusty Bucket. I had a great chicken sandwich and we enjoyed our meals with a few beers to toast the start of our weekend!

On Saturday night, we went to dinner with Devon & Kate at the Columbus Brewing Company. Devon & Kate will be at the wedding in July and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them!

After our lengthy and rowdy dinner, we went to meet up with some friends at an Irish pup across town. It was a hole in the wall, but they had a band playing that night.

Lots of Mike & Julie's friends were there, so it was fun to meet the people I've been hearing about. Here is the happy couple.

The next day we all slept in and then we ran errands in the afternoon while Mike stayed home to watch the Ohio State basketball game. After the game, we all went to check out a furniture sale in town. J & M found some awesome pieces for their living room in their new, cute house!
Here they are testing out the "cuddler" that will be arriving in 18-21 days! No joke, that really is the name of this 2-person recliner!
By the time we left the furniture warehouse, it was so beautiful out. All the snow and ice that were previously on the ground were melted. I got to snoop around their backyard a bit and caught this amazing view. Can you believe this was taken on February 16th!?

Sunday was another lazy day for us. We managed to watch most of Season 2 of The Office over the 3 days I was there and we ate lots of Mike's yummy spaghetti sauce! Mike also made me a delicious breakfast sandwich Sunday morning. How did I get so lucky?
I left Monday and got back in town safe and sound. I still haven't unpacked ... are you surprised? I had so much fun this weekend and I'm so grateful that I have such great friends that are willing to let me come visit them! Thanks Mike & Julie!

Last night we had some exciting news happen at our house. Just about the time I was going to bed, Jenny & her Mom got a phone call that her sister went into labor. Today Jenny is an Aunt (again, since her brother & sis-in-law had a baby a few weeks ago) to little Kate! I've already seen pictures and she is beautiful! They left at 12:30 this morning to get to the hospital and basically just got home. They are both pooped. Here is Peanut in the spot I found him when we woke up. He was passed out looking like he was waiting for his Mom to get home!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for visiting Columbus! I, correction...both Mike and I loved having you here. I am so glad you came to play...I miss getting to hang out all the time. Thanks for making it happen!!!!!!! XOXO!