Friday, May 23, 2008

Home Sweet .. Oh Wait!

Well ... after 2 days of heavy-duty packing and moving for 3 hours straight tonight ... I'm settled. At least for now.

I'm at Molly & Erik's and even though it's great to be with them, I wish I were at my own place. I've got loads of boxes in Mom & Dad's garage, some stuff at Mitzi's and I don't even remember at this point if Adam & Jill took some of my stuff.

I'll write more later, but after this LONG day at school and even LONGER night moving ... I'm ready to lay my head down and rest!

A huge thanks to my moving crew! I couldn't have done it or stayed sane without you!

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RachelC said...

I'm so bummed. I can't believe you're not going to be my neighbor :(

Bets said...

Rach ... I know! What a disappointment. We can still be friends, though ... right? :)