Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sisters who craft!

Tonight started out as a lazy evening in the Lund house! We all got home from work late-ish and tired. Molly picked up good sammies and then we all nestled in to watch TV. Sadly, there was nothing on and Erik took that opportunity to turn on the NBA games that apparently are on for the next forever nights!

Molly was tired, but knew that she wanted to work on some baby presents for her many friends that are new moms! I hope they aren't reading ... but also know that they have sleepless nights and are up with babies ... maybe they're reading the blog to help them get to sleep! :)

Anyhoo ... Molly didn't really want to get started, but I convinced her that I could help tonight, and the next two nights she is working later and I wouldn't be here to add 2 extra hands. So we started around 9:00 and just finished. It was NOT a quick job!

These are NOT the potato printed onesies and cloth diapers/rags we made tonight (so this isn't a complete spoiler!), but these were some of the first ones she made! Aren't they cute!? Be sure and let me/us know if you're interested! They make a great new baby or baby shower gift!

Sweets for the sweet baby!

Sea critters for your little critter! I especially like the crab for those wonderful days when the baby is crabby! :)

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distaff said...

Glad you're crafting. It will be a ong summer with so little to watch in the evenings. All the better to spend the time walking YOUR dog! Thanks you for letting me have a reason to keep my pledge to walk at least three miles a day. Minnie has made it a lot more enjoyable ... except when she barks at strangers.

Bets said...

So sorry my furry child is such a cranky girl! I tried to tell her that all the other dogs in the neighborhood will talk about what a brat she is if she keeps barking at everyone! She must not have listened.