Friday, May 9, 2008

She's got what doctors (vets) call a little bit of a weight problem!

Last weekend, Miss Minners, and I went over to see Ashley and Drew's new home ... and the dogs. Yes, I said dogS!

When I went to visit Ash and Drew last summer in Sacramento, Doc was the only furry child in the family.

Things have changed ... there's a new pup in town! Brooks Chalmers Berst!

Welcome to the family! Brooks is a little yellow lab and she is cute as can be! I think she looks a lot like Gunner, Brenda's yellow lab!

She's soooooooooooo tired! Being a cuddle-bug is hard work!

Check out these paws! I think she's part polar bear. She's going to be giant! I even picked up both Brooks and Minnie to compare weight. Brooks is just 8 weeks old and I estimated her to be a few pounds lighter than Minnie. Minnie weighs about 13 pounds and she's 2 years old. Ash called me two days later from the vet to say that Miss Brooks is 17 pounds! Ash said that the vet tried to say in the nicest way possible that she is a little overweight!

Here she is cuddling with her Momma!

Yes ... we have to be sure to give Doc just as much attention! We don't want him to be jealous. Here he is with his binky Kong ... one of the best dog toys ever made.

Brooks wanted a piggy back ride ... Doc didn't think it was as funny as the humans did! I think as soon as Brooks can learn to run around and chase Doc in the backyard, she'll be sure to lose some of that extra weight.

This is Minnie in her puppy coma. We walked in the door and immediately crashed! I had to carry her upstairs because she was so pooped! We'll have to make sure we make a trip back over to play ... because any day now, I'm sure that Brooks will pass Minnie in size!

Thanks friends (humans and dogs) ... we had TONS of fun!

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SOOO CUTE, i love dogs. Minnie is my favorite :]

and nope its not to late at all, that would be great if you could send them soon though