Friday, May 16, 2008

My day got away from me!

I just realized as I was getting ready for work this morning, that I didn't sit down to blog last night. Poo!

I got home fairly early after work, but needed some down time to just relax and not think too much. Jenny and I sat down for lasagna dinner and to watch the season finale of The Office. I got a few more boxes packed last night ... the decision has been made that I still have too much crap!

Then, I came upstairs to clean a bit and pack for my BIG weekend! I'm off to Chicago for Julie's bachelorette party! It will be sooo good to see all the girls and just get away to do something fun.

Doubt I'll have time to blog over the weekend. Consider this a failed weekend as far as blogging goes! :(

I hope everyone in KC enjoys the BEAUTIFUL weather that is coming! It should be nice enough to work in your yard, take a bike ride, go to the dog park, shop outdoors, get some sun and just sit and enjoy!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

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Heather rules said...

Enjoy your mini vacay!!

distaff said...

I hope it's this beautiful in Chicago too. enjoy, because next weekend will be all work, no play.