Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lange Foundation - a place for your donations!

I've already written about this, but I felt it deserved another post today. Oprah's show today was a rerun of the "Puppy Mills" show that ran a few months ago. I previously wrote about Angel's Gate Hospital, which is a shelter for dogs that are unadoptable for various reasons or were close to being put down at shelters all over the country!

As I watched the show again today (and cried just as much this time as I did the first time), I paid close attention when they reported on The Lange Foundation! This is another shelter that adopts old, sick, hurt and unwanted animals from shelters ... and it is run completely on donations! If you browse around on the site, you will see that they also accept gifts like towels, toys, beds, leashes and food! After reading that, I'm going to run back out to Target to pick up some of the leashes I saw in the dollar section this week! That will be a simple way for me to do my part!

One of the founders of the MLAR (Main Line Animal Rescue) said that they have adopted several thousand dogs, cats and rabbits from "mills" and about 99% of them are rehabilitated and adopted out to loving families and homes! He said that some of these dogs have never been out of their tiny kennels, have never run outside, or have never stood on solid ground because their cages are made of chicken wire. He mentioned that he knows the dogs are rehabilitated in just about 2 weeks, and you can tell because they start wagging their tails! :)

Go check out these sites and organizations! They all can use your help!

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Robert in Austin said...

I just surfed into this page, a random link I followed while doing some research on animal rescue. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get a donation in to The Lange Foundation and to Main Line Animal Rescue (I saw both on Oprah).

Very kind and thoughtful of you to post this.

Bets said...

Thanks Robert!
I hope you come back and read again. Thanks for your comment, and I'm sure that the Lange Foundation and MLAR will appreciate your donation!