Monday, May 26, 2008

Tell me you're watching!

I just came upstairs from getting caught up on tonight's "Bachelorette" and working on report cards! Now that I don't have internet access on my laptop, I keep forgetting about this silly blog! It's hard to find time to post when I'm sharing a computer and I've got a trillion other things going on.

Anyhoo ... I want to know who is watching "The Bachelorette" with me! I like these so much better than "The Bachelor" and really haven't watched one of those in years! There is actually a guy from KC, MO on this season, so that makes it interesting to watch, too!

What do you all think? Who are your favorites? Who else wants to give Twilley, Jeremy and Sean the boot with me?!?!

I'm rooting for Jason, Ron (KC rules!), Graham and Jesse!

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RachelC said...

Of course I'm watching. I've only missed one season of The Bachelor. I haven't paid very close attention, though, so I don't have any favorites yet.

By the way, I'm totally with you on loving peppermint ice cream.

Bets said...

Yeah, Rachel! Of course you're watching and of course you like Peppermint ice cream. We are identical twins, you know! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm watching The Bachelorette! I wanted to smack Brad when he broke Deanna's heart. I don't watch much tv (too many papers to grade), but I've never missed a Bachelor or Bachelorette.

P.S. Graham is from my neck of the woods - Raleigh, N.C. - but I also like Jason. Twilley needs to take a hike!

Cindi Rigsbee said...

That last comment was from me - I guess I accidentally hit the "anonymous" button.

Bets said...

Thanks for commenting, Cindi!
I hope your year is winding up quickly and that you have relaxing as your first priority this summer!