Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two rooms to pack ...

... very little progress made.

I move out of Jenny's house and into my condo (fingers crossed!) next weekend. I'm going to Chicago this weekend, and so I have very little time to pack my junk up here. I have yet to pack a single thing from my room here. Blech.

I move out of my classroom on May 29th and due to the construction, we have to have everything in boxes and ready to be moved 3 or 4 times throughout the summer, or moved to your own home. At least I've made a little bit of progress there.

I've got 15 boxes packed. Sounds great, right? Not so great ... take a look at the rest of my room. You can't even tell that I've made a dent or actually done any packing!

That white bookshelf is full of books that will need to be packed. That won't be fun. The bookshelf itself isn't the nicest and sturdiest, so I'm wondering how it'll do in the move.

My messy corner. My desk actually looks sort of neat and organized from this angle. You would find something totally different if you peeked around to see the corner that is a workers comp accident waiting to happen! Amy keeps telling me that she's going to run into a desk drawer or trip over one of my bags or slip on some loose papers one of these days. Maybe she should stay late after school some day to help me get organized! :) I pay for cleaning services in yummy treats!

The back wall. I can't take down my bulletin boards just yet. Once you do that, the room looks completely dead and bare. The longer I keep them up, the longer it seems like school is still going on.

The area that used to be used for reading groups. My table has been turned the wrong way since we started our state assessments a month or so ago. Now it just seems to be a dumping ground for all random things and stacks of papers in my room!

Okay ... now here's the big question: Who wants to help me pack either one of my "homes". I would love some company, too, if you aren't the packing type. People to talk to always seems to make the time go by faster! :)

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... said...

I'll save these forever. Your room makes my office, basement and garage look almost perfect!

Thanks for setting the bar so low.

distaff said...

I'm available this weekend --- but you aren't. How is this supposed to happen? We need to set up a schedule for next week, for sure.

chitknit said...

I can help, too, if I'm not beat from the Extreme Home Makeover I'm currently involved in. At least I'm good for laughs and moral support...