Saturday, May 31, 2008

The reunion!

Molly informed me today that if I'd like to go collect my dog-child and her belongings from Mom and Dad ... I'm welcome to bring her back to their house to stay! This is a HUGE step for Molly.

Molly is a strange one ... we had dogs growing up for pets (Morgan who was the best Wonderdog ever AND Sophie who might have been bi-polor but I loved her anyway) but she really wants nothing to do with pets in her house. I've griped about this several times, and she is sure to remind me that she loves Minnie and likes spending time with her, but doesn't want a dog of her own.

Their lovely house isn't really puppy-proofed. Why would it be? That may seem like a minor deal, but a puppy-proofed house has hidden wires, rooms blocked off, a quiet place for a kennel and a place where I could leave her unattended and not be worried. They do have a great backyard, but I haven't inspected the fence to look for hidden "sneak out" spots, and I know that Minnie will find her way under their deck and she may not come out!

I'm already thinking of how I can block her in the kitchen (it will take two baby gates) and where her food will be (in front of the fire place where there is tile?) and where she'll sleep (I'll have to consolidate suitcases and boxes in my room).

I think Molly was just feeling really bad for me since I have been away from her for over a week ... OR ... she was probably feeling really bad for Mom and Dad who have been in charge of her for over a week! Either way ... I'm very excited! Thanks, Molls!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you get to have Minnie back with you! I know that will make you feel better. :)


chitknit said...

You better watch out - I don't know if I'd be calling my new landlord "a strange one."...

Say hi to Minnie, and tell Molly she's not the only non-dog person!