Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I had to say goodbye to her tonight

Tonight, Dad came to pick up Minnie. That means today was her last time to live with Peanut and that I'll be pup free for the next 3 or 4 days. It's hard not to have Minnie to cuddle with at night. Peanut and Minnie get into a funk when the other one isn't around.

I know I'll see her this weekend once I get settled ... but it's still strange not having her around. Mom and Dad are so nice to take Minnie for me so I can continue to get packing and organized this week. Thanks!

Here are some pics of Minnie and Peanut!

This one was taken last March, from the first week we moved in at Jenny's. This was the picture we used for their 1st birthday party!

And here they are last week! Sleeping beauty and the handsome prince.

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1 comment:

distaff said...

Prince, schmince -- Minnie is the beautiful princess forever and ever! She didn't want to get in her crate last night, but the first time she barked from under the bed -- it was curtains for a dog on the loose!