Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your Donations ... Part 2!

You should notice that I'm blogging AGAIN, just about an hour after I last did. I've since been to Target and brought home 16 new dog leashes ... that were just $1 each!!!

So, here's my challenge to you ... I'd like to create my own "Big Give" here via the blog!

I challenge you to help me add to this dog leash donation. You can run out to Target yourself and get just a few leashes (in the dollar section!) and either send them straight to one of the charities listed below, deliver them to one of your local shelters (make sure leashes are something they need), send them to me to add to my stash, or send me some moolah and I will personally go out and buy as many leashes as I can find in town to add to my current donation!

Please leave a comment to let me know how or if you are willing to help! My summer has officially started, so I'm ready to do my own little part to help these animals! :)

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... said...

Great idea! This is a FIVE wagging tails effort and you can have all of the loose coins in the Change Cup.

distaff said...

Why don't we drive out to Wayside Waifs and drop them off -- much easier than mailing them out of town. And we might get to play with some puppies!

Bets said...

Leashes weren't top on their list. I know the other shelters can really use them, tho.
Wayside Waifs IS asking for rope toys ... which were also just $1 at Target!