Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reason #412 why a teacher's job is different from everyone else's job

When you watch the weather man in the morning you don't really have to plan your outfit around what he says.

When I hear, "High of 38 degrees around 4pm, with a slight wind from the south and a cold front coming in" I have to plan accordingly.

To you, that may just mean make sure I have a coat, scarf and gloves for the drive to work. For me, I'm thinking that I need to bundle up for the drive to work, leave a heavy coat in my closet at work for recess duty, bring boots to change into for recess duty, and attempt to get out the door at school to enjoy the "high" for the day!

Tomorrow, I could probably plan on wearing heels to work ... with the temperature predicted to be super low and a chance of snow ... I'll be safe inside with indoor recess! :)

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Side note: I just turned on The Office on TBS. If you don't watch The Office, you are missing out! Tonight's episode was "The Merger". Here's the clip that just made me laugh out-loud and wake the dogs:

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Anonymous said...

A + + for your blog!

Anonymous said...

That clip came through as a great big blank on my screen ... but you know I'm not allowed to watch fun things at work. You'll have to show me on your laptop sometime -- Mom

Beth said...

Heels? Ugh.

Love the clip! Is the show back up even w/the writer's strike?

P.S. One of the BEST parts of Guate is the weather! It is seriously perfect everyday. Which makes for easy clothing options but you get tired of what you brought in your suitcase FAST!