Tuesday, March 25, 2008

8 minutes and 10 seconds I can't get back.

Well, I was going to write about my good day at school and the fun evening Jenny and I had with the dogs at the "secret" dog park, but instead I'm going to complain.

I was just doing some online banking and saw something that looked fishy with my account. I thought I'd just quickly call someone up at my bank since their customer service lines are open 24 hours to ask about it.

No such luck!

I just spent about 7 and a half minutes trying to press a million buttons and listen to a million choices just to get a real person on the line. Once I finally got good old whatshername on the line, I got my question answered in approximately 30 seconds!

Thanks, Bank of America!

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Beth said...

I have to COMPLETELY agree. Bank of America is great for online stuff (and great in general) but when it comes to talking to a human being -- better yet, someone at your LOCAL branch -- you would spend less time just driving there and waiting in line!

distaff said...

But did they solve the fishy problem in your account? That's the important thing. I think most banks operate this way. Sad, but then the world doesn't expect ladies in gloves and men in hats to doing daily banking as they used to. They just don't staff up for that kind of service.

Bets said...

Yes, fishy problem solved.

I wouldn't complain about B of A, but I've had some issues lately. One of which is the fact that a few Saturdays ago, I made an appointment to meet with someone and after I waited for over an hour to see her for my APPOINTMENT, the receptionist let Rudy McRuderson cut right in front of me! Arg!