Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm still LOST ...

Finally got caught up on LOST last night so that I was ready for tonight's episode. I was tired of not being able to talk about it at work on Friday mornings, and I knew tonight's episode was going to be GREAT!

BUT ... I'm still confused. What is going on? Who is part of the Oceanic 6? We now know that Sun is part of the group. So what does the rest of the group look like?

This is who I think completes the 6 so far: Sun, Jack, Kate, baby Aaron, Hurley and ______???

What are your thoughts?

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Heather rules said...

Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six. I know what you mean, I'm confused as always, but that is what keeps me coming back. I feel like I need to devote a weekend to watching ALL the episodes. I have the first season on DVD and I could always rent the second season.

distaff said...

Do you guys realize that each week the previous week's episode airs in the hour ahead of the new one? So you can see it again to try to figure out more. But they also use captions to tell you more of the back story, or explain the wierd stuff that's going on and the connections between characters. Sometimes it's TMI, but it does clear some things up.

Beth said...

Bets! You should have put a WARNING: SPOILER at the top of this blog!! I read it b/f seeing the latest episode, so now I know about Sun... :) oh well. I'll find out soon enough!

With all the diff./new experiences living abroad, I swear I have had longer conversations w/my Stateside friends about LOST than anything that has to do w/Guate.....hours upon hours of guessing and conspiracy theor-izing! I love that show. Love. It. :)