Monday, March 3, 2008

Be a celebrity, even if just for a day!

This morning, Mitzi rushed into my room to show me a fun, new website she found. It is part of the InStyle Magazine site, and it has celebrity hair makeovers to play with! It's called Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover.

After the first 10 minutes of me playing around on the site, I ran to Mitzi's room! All I said to her was, "I look like a __________!" and she knew what I was talking about! (I'm being careful of what words I type because you never know what ads will show up on my blog tomorrow! Think of a "woman" in a certain profession that might wear a lot of wigs and makeup and sing and dance.) We then wasted lots of time trying on hideous hair just so we could laugh at the way I looked in them.

Of all the hair styles I "tried" on, I realized that I actually liked the long hair on me and longer bangs. Who knew!?

Here are my three favorite:

If you have time to spare, I highly suggest you go check this out. It's good for laughs ... or for finding a real hair style if you think you're stuck in a rut! Now, if only I could grow my hair about 10 inches longer in the next week or so ... .. .

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Four Words said...

Wow! Very hot stuff!

Anonymous said...

I thought Katherine Heigl looked absolutely beautiful with her curly bob at the Oscars. Why can't everyone's hair look like that?

chitknit said...

Okay - that thing is totally addictive. I just went through almost all of them!

Heather rules said...

I really like the Jennifer Garner look on you. Very nice. I'm headed to the site now!