Saturday, March 29, 2008

Check it out!

A statue with the McKnight name on it!

When driving around town today, Aunt Susan told me the story about this statue, which has a nickname (possibly given by her) of "Mr. McKnight and his Indian Friend". Jill and I did a bit of google searching to figure out what the real story was.

Apparently, J. Hudson McKnight moved to Wichita from Pennsylvania in the year 1880. He owned a big chunk of land, where Wichita East High is now, and was quite a grump about his money and his land.

Go read the about him on the link. Jilly and I might run by there if we get a chance this afternoon. I think it's interesting that I've been coming to Wichita to visit family since I was born, and I'm just now finding out his stuff about long, lost relatives. I'll have Molly check into her family tree research to see where J. Hudson might "branch out" and try and do some more research on good old tight-fisted J. Hudson since apparently his quite the infamous Wichitan.

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