Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun mail!

So last week, I featured a group of Etsy artisans in a mini treasury of blue and green magnets. I was sure to include a set of my own magnets, but there were some others that I loved just as much as my own, if not more! :)

One of the sellers, vintageinspiration, was so nice and she sent me a pair of her gorgeous Swarovski crystal magnets as a thank you for featuring her magnets!

Here they are ... aren't they beautiful!?
The pictures really don't do them justice. Go check them out on her site, too! :)

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Anonymous said...

Still not getting any of your photos. Maybe I need to re-boot!Mom

Beth said...

What a GREAT surprise! Those are awesome.

Tell her my address is
11 calle 15-79 Zona 15 Vista Hermosa III
Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.