Monday, March 31, 2008


Today at school went really well. I was super tired and still am! We had conferences tonight until 7:30, and they will continue tomorrow and all day Thursday.

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Blech! I've been pretty lucky that in the past, none of my kids have tried to pull tricks on me. I don't really like tricks and practical jokes ... but maybe that's just when the joke it on me! I'm interested to see what the kids come up with tomorrow. I really want to try and trick them about something.

I remember when I was in 4th grade, our teacher wrote our homework on the board. She told us that we were going to have to read this book, Yad Sloof Lirpa, and write a report over it due the following day. It took us all some time to figure out that the title of the book was April Fool's Day backwards, and we were all grumpy about having to read a whole book and write a report on it in one night. .

Any ideas for me???

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Tell them you have to leave at noon to go for a job interview in France but that Mr. Sanders will be taking your class for the rest of the day ... and, if they are good, he may teach them for the rest of the year.

Just a thought.