Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS, my friends!

I've been waiting to share this until I had time to include my pics with the post about my Sunday afternoon!

Saturday night, Julie's Mom called to tell me that she got tickets to the KU vs. UT basketball game at the new Sprint Center, and she wanted to know if I could join them. Of course, I had to say YES! Julie's family is so nice to continue to invite me to games (even when Julie's not in town) and normally when it has been on a school night, I haven't been able to go. Well this time, I was on Spring Break and had NOTHING to keep me from going!

Molly had texted on Friday night (yeah for her finally getting into texting) to let me know that it was tons of fun in the Power & Light District with all the Bit 12 Hooplah! We tried to make it down there Saturday night, but instead only drove part way and went out in Westport, and even yesterday it was too hard to get down there for the holiday festivities. With the torrential rain storm, tipsy drivers all over the roads, and empty wallets, we ended up just hanging out in our hood.

So anyway, I went to meet Julie's parents and her Aunt and the four of us headed downtown. I hadn't seen the new Sprint Center or really any of the new restaurants, bars, or buildings. It was pretty amazing. Next payday, I'll save up for a tank of gas to get down there and $7 beers! :)

We got to the arena early (which was a first time for the Chonko clan) and it made for great people watching and allowed me to watch all the seats fill up in the throughout the next hour. It was exciting to hear that we were there for the biggest crowd yet ... 19, 046 people!



Those are the pics I took. I got some great video, too, but they always take forever to upload to the blog. I hope you all enjoy checking out my pics ... KU fan or not! :)

Who's ready for the Big Dance?!?! I need to schedule in time to fill out my brackets.

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distaff said...

This is so cool, Betsy -- great job with the photos!