Sunday, March 9, 2008

She's going to be 2, you know!

Minnie and Peanut have a birthday at the end of the month and they will be TWO years old! I can't believe that I've almost had her for two years ... crazy! Last year, we had the BIG birthday bash at the house. We had 7 dogs over and the party included doggy birthday cake, opening of presents and gift bags!

Here are some things that Minnie has decided she would love to have for her birthday from Etsy ... now if only her Momma had all the money in the world ... she would get them! :)

Here is one of the fleecy toys that I've made. I like this one because it has such fun colors and it is made out of more fleece, so it's more durable for a larger dog. Go check out all the colors and sizes I have available!

Don't these dipped ice cream cone doggy treats look good enough for humans to eat? I think they look like the perfect midnight snack for pup and human! (Maybe that's because it's midnight and I'd like a chocolaty snack!) These treats are, of course, made with doggy-friendly ingredients so your pooch is satisfied and not sick!

If Minnie is really nice to me in the upcoming weeks, she just might get a bed for her birthday. Why does she need a new bed, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago I came home to find the the schnoodles had ripped up her bed as a fun activity while we were at work.
So ... here is a fun new bed that looks durable, fun and easy to wash. It's perfect for curling up in on a cold day! Don't you love the fabric?!?!
This Jolly Rancher dog collar would be great for Spring and Summer (are you coming soon, please!?) AND I think it would look super cute on Minnie's gray fur! The collars are available in a variety of sizes and some even have matching leashes! You can't pass them up!

I saw these dog collar tags and thought they were such a creative gift! They are made of sterling silver and have a fun shape of copper soldered on top. The names are custom to each order and you can add phone numbers on the back! These are WAY better than the cheap, not-so-cute tags that you can make at the chain pet store. Pamper your pet with one of these!
With every fun collar, you need to think about a fun leash! Last year at the birthday party, Minnie's Aunt Mitzi bought her a fun lime green collar with pink flowers on it. Minnie LOVES that leash, but you can never have too many! This polk-a-dot leash is perfect for every preppy dog!
I HAD to include this photo note card, because I think this picture is the perfect combination of Minnie and Peanut. It's a picture of a schnoodle named Cutter. Isn't he cute!? This is the perfect card for any dog lover!

Just to compare ... here's a picture of our two schnoodles! :)
Alrighty ... that's it for tonight. Enjoy the doggy items, we sure do!

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