Sunday, March 16, 2008

You do know that's a Journey cover band, not the REAL band, right?!?

If you've already read Jill's post from today, you 'd would have read her description of our Saturday evening. It's WAY better than anything I could write with the way I'm feeling right now. In fact ... why don't you just jump over there for a minute so you can read all about it. Then come back to see my photos and captions! :)

Here's the massive crowd at The Record Bar to see Stone in Love last night. This picture doesn't really do the crowd justice. It was super crowded when we got there at 9:45ish, and the band didn't start playing until 11:00. Adam found us the best spots in the house ... right off the side of the stage to the right in the front row. Thanks Adam! Who wants to sit at a booth, anyway? See the girls in the right side of my picture? They were dressed up in their 80's gear and acting like they were actually at a Journey concert. At the end of the evening, Jill punched me in the arm when she saw them jump on stage to dance with the band. I took lots of video from last night with the plans to put them on my blog. Turns out today when I watched them that the sound was awful. If they really sounded like that last night, I would have left. I won't torture you all with the scary videos.

Here's Adam looking super thrilled to be there with us and Doug being too cool for a boy-space-friend picture! :) Thanks go to the boys for working hard to save our awesome spots up front when we would take bathroom breaks!

The chickies. Can you tell which one of us had lots-o-wine before she even got to The Record Bar? (Hint: She's wearing black and she's not me!)

And here's the pic I got of the whole band, awesome 80's costumes and all. Go check them out if you ever find that they are playing again around town. I had lots of fun, even though I'm not the biggest Journey fan. Anyway, I think Mitz and Jill are currently holding the #1 and #2 Journey Fan spots! :)

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Heather rules said...

LOVE IT! Great pics. That band looks like such a hoot. I would have fully enjoyed myself at something like that! I'm a big dork and I like it that way!

Nikki said...

Thanks for writing this.