Saturday, March 1, 2008

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Can you guess what it is??? Here are some of my Etsy favorites for the week! There is a theme ... and I will tell you that it did take me quite some time to find these fabulous items, but I think I found some really awesome stuff for sale!

Here is one of my favorite magnet gift sets. Mom and Molly got these magnetic clips for Christmas from me. I think they really help to dress up your fridge and make you proud to display photos of family & friends, masterpieces created by your little ones or an invite to the latest event you have on your calendar!

How cute are these Swarovski crystal magnets?!?!? I think they are so fancy and make a great gift for a friend! Vintage Inspiration is the name of the shop and they already come in a tin box, so they are ready to be a a great gift!

These Hibernation magnets are made out of polymer clay and come in many different designs. The creator, Block Party Press, also uses the same materials to make beautiful jewelry, artwork and accessories.

This Blue Green Damask Magnet is perfect for dressing up your fridge or taking to display work at your office. TheTaylerBean is also happy to let you chose 5 magnets on their site for a discounted rate! There are many other magnets of all types of designs ... go check them out!

If Winter isn't quite over where you live, then you NEED this chunky blue and green scarf! I love the mixture of these colors and Knit1Scrap2 did a great job of making this the perfect length of scarf that works on everyone! Go check out her other fabulous knitted products, too!

This is a great mixture of patterns on these Wash Away Magnets! These 9 glass marble magnets are all large and this is a GREAT bargain for such a beautiful gift. Go check out all the sets of magnets that Undies has for sale. You are sure to find something you like there.

I bought some fused glass rings this winter for Christmas presents and now I'm obsessed with fused glass. All of these items look so sleek and beautiful and modern! This set of four blue and green fused glass magnets would look beautiful on anyone's fridge! White Sands Glass has made many other beautiful items for sale out of glass.

I hope you like the items I've picked! If you are looking for a gift for anyone in your life ... you should definitely check out Etsy! If you don't see something here that you are interested in, go browse around!

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Block Party Press said...

Beautiful selection! Thanks so much for including my magnets!