Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yeah for Princess Puffysleeves!

If you haven't watched the season finale of Project Runway, then STOP reading!

STOP! Do it now ... hit PgDn and read some of my other fabulous posts.

If you HAVE watched the finale ... YEAH! My favorite designer, "Princess Puffysleeves" won! I hope you've been following along with the recaps on Project Rungay, because their commentary is fierce! :)

They named Christian, "Princess Puffysleeves" very early on when he seemed to be making a whole slew of jackets and shirts that had ... yep, you guessed it ... puffy sleeves!

Here is a picture review of each of his challenge designs ... judge for yourself!

I know the pictures are small, so you'll have to make sure you go to the site and see them up close!

I mean, COME ON! How beautiful is this dress! He couldn't NOT win with a design like this!

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Anonymous said...

I stayed up just to see if you would post about this! Yippee! It was so cute how nervous he was and how happy - then turned and became fierce yet again. love it. molly

Bets said...

I'm impressed that you stayed up late for my blog. It's a good thing it only took me 30 minutes to find a picture of that dress and not any longer than that or you might have fallen asleep at the keyboard!

Four Words said...

TGIO --- Thank Goodness it's Over!

Some days you're in,
And some, you're out!

I wish I had one $100,000 because I sure need a Vay Kay ... a breakie break!

"Auf Wiedersehen!"

Heather rules said...

Princess Puffysleeves is FIERCE! I love him. Very happy with the outcome. He is so very talented for being only 21.

Anonymous said...

I really thought he might lose because his stuff is sooooo over-the-top. Rami and Jillian created much more wearable clothes. PP is a couture designer ... we're not likely to see his stuff at Dillard's ...