Monday, March 10, 2008

I was mooned!

How is it already 9:30pm? Today was a hard day back to school. The kids were all half asleep until about 11:00 this morning. I think I was still half asleep until 1:00 this afternoon. We were all busy today, and my desk and the floor behind it are definitely worse for the wear. Amy had to walk through the war zone that is my "corner" to come talk to me this afternoon! We joked that she might have to take a trip to the emergency room if she takes one wrong step!

Anyhoo ... back to my post title. A few nights ago I was driving home and saw the most beautiful moon! One of the truly fabulous things about living way out here is that there are very few city lights and so we get to really see the stars. The stars seem so close that they seem to have colors. During the summer when we sat outside, you could watch them all rotate. And this week, the moon was spectacular. If I had a fancy, schmancy camera, I would have taken a picture to share. Instead, I had to do a little bit of google searching 4 days later and these are the pictures that I found that help to show what I saw out my car window!

Since I didn't remember my moon phases from 3rd grade, I had to look them up. What I saw looked more like this second picture, which if I'm not mistaken is a waxing crescent moon. I included the first picture because it was pretty cool, too. Now that I've shared your science lesson for the day, I encourage you to drive just outside of whatever city you live in and take time to enjoy the stars, moon and sky on the next clear night!

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chitknit said...

I'd be happy to drive outside the city...if I didn't just hear that oil prices are now at $109 a barrel.


distaff said...

Yes, the gasoline burning is a bad idea, but a simple pleasure can be had by just forcing oneself to look skyward when you go out for the paper or a dog walk in the pre-dawn hours. I'm always amazed at how colorful the night sky is if you stop to really look.